We are TCT

Your tankhouse and your priorities might be different from others. So our range of plates and edge strips are different, too. We buy, make, refurbish and stock the plates that fit your needs best.

In fact, TCT are committed to delivering you great value, innovation, and professionalism. We’re owned by ICL, a Chilean company founded in 1999 in Calama, the mining capital of Chile.

We take that manufacturing and refurbishment excellence from ICL and bring it to you right here in North America. We’re based in Tucson, Arizona, with a reach from Canada to Mexico.

And when you do business with us, you’ll get the best cathode plates for your purpose at a lower price and delivered faster!

Experts from the origin

We have the knowledge and technology necessary to achieve the objectives of our clients and partner companies, however, our promise of value is based on highly qualified professionals and technical teams specialized in their disciplines, which allows us to operate safely, efficiently and committed.

Our story

TCT´s Story start with ICL, a chilean company founded in 1999 in the city of Calama, mining capital of Chile and the world. Since our beginnings, the main aim has been the loyalty of our customers and the commitment to the quality of our products, through our refined processes.

Currently the company continues to innovate and develop in search of Mining 4.0, always finding the most suitable ways to optimize our processes and those of our customers.

Innovation and technology add up to the important steps we have taken in our history. In order to protect our future, we consolidate our present with the values that define us. . In 2023 we opened our plant in Tucson Arizona to deliver our product in North American market.


To provide our customers with the products and solutions that best suit their requirements and needs.


To be a highly specialized company in all its development areas.

Our core values


Improving ourselves everyday.


Specialist teams for great results.


Our work it's supported by 25 years of experience.


Improving our processes with technology and innovation.