Services for mining plants

Services for mining plants

We have been working hand in hand with the largest copper producing companies in the world, from that relationship that links us to the productive soul of the mining business and has allowed us to develop a series of services related to operational continuity in mining plants in the that we are specialists: Leaching, Electrowinning and S.W.

We support you to guarantee efficiency and operational continuity

Our services for SX, EW and LIX mining plants

Innovation and engineering solutions

We have developed and implemented innovative technologies designed according to the needs of each client. The Smartleaching system allows monitoring the leaching piles and carrying out a multivariable operation that gets the best performance from the leaching heap.


We have been technical support in the operation of the largest electrowinning plants in the world, delivering a service based on the monitoring of variables through systems that integrate sensors and the experience of our teams, contributing positively to operational continuity and the predictive operation. We are capable of operating electrowinning warehouses with control of mining 4.0 variables, to provide better operational continuity, from maintenance to operation.

Monitoring software available

Generating metrics and maintaining controlled processes is one of the mining challenges of the future. We have developed a series of tools that allow us to monitor variables in real time.

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