Get the best cathode plates for your purpose at a lower price and delivered faster

Tucson Cathodes and Tankhouse Services has partnered with Glencore Technology’s ISAKIDD™ to provide the best fit for purpose plates and services for your operation.

• We manufacture new plates or repair your old plates
• We manufacture and supply edge strips
• And we advise you on tankhouse performance and plate handling equipment

We are TCT an ICL Group company. Our Group has more than 25 years of the experiencience.



Most importantly, we can deliver to you exactly the plates you need, faster.  That’s because we stock supplies of key materials so that you can expect the plates you need when you really need them.

The IsaKidd™ range of plates and handling equipment create the best fit-for-purpose in realworld copper electro-winning and electro-refining. Long the benchmark in the industry, IsaKidd™ accounts for over 13.6 mtpa of copper production from over 116 licensees world wide, including the partnership with us.

Edge Strips

Our Edge Strips are manufactured with top quality polypropylene, ensuring durability and a resistant performance, which ensures their fixation and permanence.

We are an ICL Group company

Your tankhouse and your priorities might be different from others. So our range of plates and edge strips are different, too. We buy, make, refurbish and stock the plates that fit your needs best.

In fact, TCT are committed to delivering you great value, innovation, and professionalism. We’re owned by ICL, a Chilean company founded in 1999 in Calama, the mining capital of Chile.

And we take that manufacturing and refurbishment excellence from ICL and bring it to you right here in North America. We’re based in Tucson, Arizona, with a reach from Canada to Mexico.

And when you do business with us, you’ll get the best cathode plates for your purpose at a lower price and delivered faster!

We are experts in Plate Refurbishment and Repairs

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